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In January 1984 at 7.15am on a bitter cold winter's morning our RWM, Bro James C McKeown, opened a Lodge of Sorrow before a large attendance of brethren, there to pay their last respects to Bro Charles Woodhouse PM. Charlie was an adopted Scot having been born in Morecambe, England in 1925. He attained the chair of the lodge in December 1967. Having never had the pleasure of his acquaintance I have it on good authority that he remained very active within the lodge after vacating office as Master. Up until his passing he held the post of D.O.C, the duties of which he carried out with great dignity. Among the memorabilia in our small regalia room hangs a black and white photograph of Charlie simply entitled 'Master of Instruction', an important task he undertook with great conviction reflected in, by all accounts, the quality of the degree work by the office-bearers. He died after a short illness on Tuesday 10th January 1984 aged just 58.


St John Crofthead Fauldhouse No 374 has had, over the period of our history, many brethren who have distinguished themselves in Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge.


Bro John Kinniburgh RWM 1918-19

The GMM Bro Randolph 12th Earl of Galloway conferred the rank of Honorary Grand Bible Bearer on Bro Kinniburgh at the quarterly communication of Grand Lodge on the 29th November 1946. The two ashlars he gifted to the lodge in 1926 can still be found at our regular meetings either side of the

Masters dais.


Bro Benjamin D. Boyce RWM 1936-37

Prior to emigrating to New Zealand in 1959 our former lodge secretary and PPSGW had the rank of Honorary Grand Lodge of Scotland Bible Bearer conferred upon him.


Bro James Grant RWM 1951-52

A Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden.


Bro Alexander B. Dundas RWM 1954-55

Without doubt our most 'decorated' member. Alex was initiated on 12th November 1942. A PPSGW, he was then commissioned as Substitute Provincial Grand Master of Linlithgowshire from 1974-79. He also held the rank of Honorary Grand Lodge of Scotland Bible Bearer. The members of St John Stoneyburn No 1186 and Lodge Lord Newlands No 1074 in Tarbrax saw fit to include him among their numbers as an Honorary Member. Still fondly remembered.


Bro James F. Hendry RWM 1981-82 & 2001-02

Attained the rank of Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden in 1997.

Jim's enthusiasm, not only for the craft but 374 in particular, is truly infectious. His assistance in my research has been invaluable.


Bro James G. Burnett Snr MM

Our current representative.  An inspired choice by the members of 374. Jimmy is one of the most popular characters in Freemasonry. A tremendous visitor with P.G.L. and also his mother lodge. An Honorary Member of Lodge St John Stoneyburn 1186 and Lodge Lord Bruce 1601 in Blackburn.


Bro Henry S. Paxton MM

Harry's dedicated service to the Lodge was acknowledged on the 27th February 1992 when the RWPGM Bro James P Thomson presented him with Distinguished Service Diploma from the Grand Lodge of Scotland. A worthy recipient of this award in recognition of the many years he gave to the lodge including Secretary (1966-75). He passed away on 24th March 1995.

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